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Power Automate and Docusign optional fields

Recently, I worked on a project which requires document be sent to customers via Docusign for digital signatures completion. Most fields are mandatory but some are optional.

Read through Docusign API documentation and it looks straight forward just simply by selecting 'optional' to be true.

Let's say, I would like to make Address optional, and my template looks like below using {{address}} as the lookup tag or anchorString in Docusign term.

In the Power Automate Flow connector, I can see a 'tabs optional' drop down. Selecting Yes value will not render the field to be optional - at the time of this blog is written.

It turns out, we have to use 'required': false to make it optional for text field. Simply switch to Details mode for manual text entry, and update the JSON content to use 'required' element.

The address field then becomes an optional field.

That's all for this blog.


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