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This is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 product, compatible with the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online (version 9.2), and On Premise version 9.0 and 9.1.


The add-on is great for users whom spend more time on the Dynamics screens and be notified for things that require immediate attention or action. Essentially, this add-on displays a pop up or slider notification appearing from the bottom right of the screen, showing a brief pre-configured message with a link to open a linked record. For example, a Sales Order requires urgent attention, or just simply an announcement for the users.


The pop-up disappears if unattended for a few seconds, and can be retrieved by clicking on the Notifications (bell) icon at the top right of main menu bar. A panel will display from the right of the screen showing the notification list. Each notification can be dismissed when no longer needed.

Feature highlights:

  • Link to open record - open the record-in-context which the notification was created for. For example, the Order when it is fulfilled, or a Case priority was escalated.
  • Informative yet non-intrusive notification pop up - the notification floater pops up at the bottom right corner for new notifications. User may continue working as usual while the notification is displayed.
  • Works in all tabs/windows opened - The notification floater works in all tabs/windows opened.
  • View new/dismissed/delete - View new notifications, dismiss your notifications once you have completed your action, and delete them once you are sure it is no longer needed.
  • Priority - flag the notification as high priority.
  • Announcement - this add-on can be used for announcement to users.
  • Flexible configurable triggers - configure the notification trigger via workflow, and send to specific users, security roles, or teams. Exclude some users via 'exclude team'.
  • Configurable - Options to temporarily disable the floater notification and new notifications check. System administrator may configure the refresh interval (in seconds) for new notifications check.


For organisation with larger user base, a more advanced setup can be implemented to reduce the check load on Dynamics 365:

  • Have the user's notification records pushed to Azure cloud storage.
  • Notification check configured to call Azure Function instead of Dynamics 365 Action.


Please contact us using Contact Us form for the advanced setup version.


Complete source code of this add-on is also available for purchase, should you wish to maintain/modify this add-on for use exclusively to your nominated Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance.

Notification AddOn for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Excluding GST
  • Click on the link to get a free trial version at

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